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Online TESOL / TEFL Certificate program

Specially designed for teach English abroad teachers



Welcome to American TESOL Institute Online TESOL Certification Course

It’s a shrinking world and thus a situation where communication becomes a vital necessity. The resultant sums up a need to communicate effectively across countries and continents. Today’s global standard demands the use of English as resource that will fulfill not only communicate in a global standard, also help the knowledge transfer happen where there is an high need for development. The American TESOL Institute is developed just for this mission. A Mission that will help you achieve excellence in English language teaching to speakers of other languages. TESOL courses at the American TESOL Institute would prove desirable because of its accessibility made so easy, its feasibility that allows one to complete the course without compromising the commitments and of course the resulting growth in career. American TESOL Institute is a classroom of students who pursue to teach with respect to a multicultural, diverse and at last a global community.

We are      accredited

Accreditation, affiliation and association with international institutes.

TESOL /TEFL    Course

If the fun from teaching has gone then this will change things for you.

Online TESOL for Asian Teachers Accrediation

TEFL TESOL Course for Asian Teachers

Comments from Graduates

"Never expected such a fulfilling experience. This course is so fantastic." Louis, China

Jobs &       Placement

A training  is worth its salt only if it results in employment.

TEFL TESOL Course Graduate Testimonials

TEFL Course Jobs For Asian Teachers

Internationally recognized TESOL Online Courses from American TESOL Institute

American TESOL Institute identified as the pioneer in TESOL training which boasts of its international recognition and global acclamation and the TESOL Certificate provided by them are accepted across a whole gamut of institutions and organizations world over. American TESOL Institute were founded after years of research work, sound knowledge base accompanying with piercing focus and applicability in ESL teaching field.

Any TESOL, TEFL, TESL Certificate course is identified by its quality, dynamism and marketability. The course/s chosen should be able to drive the candidate towards a lucrative career strongly based on sound learning, pronounced concepts and productive skills. Therefore, it is immensely important for the candidate to commit to the best option. And the appropriateness of a TESOL/TEFL course is determined by certain inherent features like –

~ The vintage of the course
~ The potential of the course to provide placement to its graduates in the teaching industry
~ The standard and practical relevance of the curriculum
~ Whether the course is designed adequately to cater to all age groups
~ Whether the course will be enough value for money

The American TESOL Institute (ATI) is able to provide an affirmative answer to all these questions, conforming to the best standard of learning.

The flagship product of American TESOL Institute is TESOL which forms the core of the Institute. American TESOL Institute offers enticing array of TEFL Products, each one of them is specially crafted targeting varied sectors and meeting their diversified requirements.

The basic structure of all the different TEFL Programs offered by American TESOL Institute are based on strong theoretical and technical knowledge of language teaching with different focus areas. The study materials are intended to develop the fundamental skills of teaching English as a Second language for the aspiring as well existing ESL teachers. It would require in depth study of the course material that would inculcate the basic training and techniques for teaching ESL. Most importantly our courses are designed in such a unique way that they are able to fulfill the need of every individual.

Once certified by ATI, the online TESOL graduates are considered globally competent and adequately qualified to become ESL teachers in the fields of general and/or specified language teaching. The TESOL Certification and Placement Assistance Programs thus provide a smooth transition to teaching English abroad in countries all over the world.

American TESOL is currently working with thousands of affiliate Institutions, Organizations, and Governmental Bodies, can guarantee cent percent academic satisfaction and valuable placement assistance to its graduates.

Our goal is to make your Online learning interesting, more contemporary, relevant, interactive and fun by applying different teaching methods which will provide you the highest quality education with just a few Mouse clicks.

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